Safety of your workers is paramount.

Knowing they are working safely on site and driving safely to and from site, means that your business can run smoothly and efficiently. Our GPS tracking technology allows you to track the vehicles in your fleet so that you always know where they are and how fast they are going. When people know that they are being monitored, they drive safer overall. This is better for your vehicles, better for your workers, and better for your bottom line.

If you receive a complaint of a driver driving recklessly or idling in an idle-free zone, you can easily look up which vehicle it was and who was driving at the time.

Lone Worker Monitoring

If your industry requires workers to work alone or in remote areas, our technology can help ensure they get home safely. Much like how our GPS will track if you left a tool behind, our trackers will send an alert if a worker doesn’t check in within a preset amount of time from their vehicle by pushing a button or if the vehicle does not move for a set period of time. If the worker is fine, they can push a button to disarm the system. If not, an alarm will be dispatched, notifying the correct people that help is required. 

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