If you manage a rental fleet, our GPS technology allows you to see where all rental vehicles are at all times.

You can track the usage of rental vehicles and machinery, know if they were driven recklessly, or if they have exceeded the allotted kilometers. You can also track equipment, both powered and unpowered.

Preventative maintenance alerts inform you ahead of time when the vehicles are due for oil changes.

MAXtrax helps with recovery of rental vehicles, if stolen or not returned. We can track the vehicle to find the location and often recover the vehicle. We can also monitor if a vehicle leaves a particular area that has been specified.

We only bill you for the amount of time the vehicles are used, not for the number of days you have the vehicle, saving you money!

If you are renting extra vehicles for a particular period of time, we have temporary solutions that can be easily installed by your workers for light fleets.

Protect your vehicles, protect your company, protect your bottom line.