Your workers are the biggest resource you have so it’s important to take care of them. 

MAXTrax offers solutions that can be used across a broad range of industries and professions including a CSA certified Man Down device for oil field workers.


A simple and cost effective solution that can provide either a Lone Worker or Panic button function.

These simple to use features allow lone workers the ability to reach out when in need via the panic button option or, when configured for lone worker use it provides a simple means to ensure the employee is safe by using regular check ins.

This system is easy to set up, affordable, and ensures your workers are safe on the job site, even when no one else is around.


The TPASS oilfield device is worn on the worker to provide a higher degree of safety monitoring. It offers two means to track worker safety in the field. Any lack of motion for a predetermined period or, if the employee activates the panic button, causes alerts to be sent out immediately. In addition to alerts being sent out, the employee’s vehicle horn will be activated, drawing attention to the incident. The TPASS has a range of up to 1 kilometer (under ideal conditions) whichis far greater than conventional dongles or card reader systems.


View benefits of the TPASS SC500 tracker here.


Workers benefit from a sense of security, knowing they are being monitored, and help will be dispatched if something happens.