Together with ez enRoute we provide a comprehensive solution for student tracking.

MAXTrax has partnered with ez enRoute to provide the most robust and comprehensive Student Transportation Monitoring solution available. Our real time Bus Tracking provides the information needed to provide Peace Of Mind for parents by delivering on demand bus location via the Parent App.

The technology was created from something designed to protect the most valuable thing – our children.

ez enRoute and MAXTrax GPS have partnered with student transportation and school bus companies so parents can know when their kids will be home. We can also go a stop further and let parents know when their kids have boarded the bus and where they are getting off.

For more detailed information, check out ez enRoute. 

Protect your family with MAXtrax and ez enRoute.


Live, real-time bus tracking on the map, from the time it starts out for morning pick-ups to arrival at your home and through a trip to school and back from school throughout afternoon drop-offs. SOS alert notifications to all parents for emergencies or delays.

Bus Operator Dashboard