Trades Workers.

MAXtrax offers solutions that can be used across a broad range of industries and professions.

Some professions that could benefit from MAXtrax GPS technology include:

All of these professions require someone to work alone. Anytime a worker is on site alone, whether it’s a construction site or an empty house, there is potential that something could go wrong and no one would know.

Utilizing our technology means that they can go to work comfortable and as the employer, you have peace of mind knowing that your workers are safe.

In addition to our larger in-vehicle tracking models, we offer a selection of sleek smart watches that function the same way. Workers can wear the watch so it is discreet, and then if a problem arises, they can either say a word that they set up earlier to be their codeword for danger – alerting someone to the problem; or they can touch a button on the watch to alert someone of their distress.

It’s extremely important for everyone to feel safe at work. Let us help.

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