MAXtrax provides you with peace of mind. Knowing your expensive equipment is safe on site means you can sleep easy. You have immediate access to your assets, wherever they are, and receive alerts if your items leave the geo-fenced area or are used outside of user defined days and times. There are three different geofence alerts options that can be set to provide the best information possible. 

Automation that can notify the right people as soon as possible without the need to manually check on assets means more operational efficiency.

Monitor for thefts from job sites which are common. 

Our job is to provide a service that helps protect you, your assets, your employees, your company, your livelihood. 

✓  If stolen, recover your asset sooner by seeing where it ended up. 

✓  Know when doors on trailers are opened and remote offices are accessed. 

  Greatly increase the likelihood of recovering your stolen assets.

✓  View asset security details on your phone, tablet, or computer.

✓  Receive alerts when equipment moves after hours.

Your assets are worth protecting. We help you make sure they are. 

Both Text messages and Email alerts can be set up to provide rapid notifications when needed.

with maxtrax you get:

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