Our Technology.

Our technology is leading in the industry of GPS tracking. No matter what the asset is or where it is, we have the ability to track almost anything under most conditions.

Whether the asset is powered and rolls down the highway or gets towed to site, there’s a tracking modem that can be utilized to provide out of sight asset management.

Because of the various fleets and assets our clients have, MAXtrax has integrated a wide variety of hardware. Not every tracking device will work in every application. MAXtrax has integrated a wide variety of GPS tracking equipment to ensure we have the right tools to provide you with the best possible solution for all your equipment tracking requirements. Our system provides 3rd party API activity as well.

With great software, we’re always trying to integrate with other software to increase the reach of our reliable hardware. We understand that some equipment will seldom be within cellular coverage so we offer satellite tracking options so you can always know where your assets are and when maintenance is required. For equipment without an on-board engine and battery, we offer tracking devices with field replaceable batteries that can provide years of service.

Everything from vehicle status, activities, and driver behaviour can be tracked with MAXtrax. 

MAXtrax also provides thorough reporting so our customers are aware of specific details for each asset. While knowing where your various fleets are in an instant is important, there are many reasons why historical data is also extremely helpful (e.g., safety compliance). MAXtrax makes current and historical data available for the user to download, in three different file formats.

Our reports have been built to reflect and anticipate the needs of our clients.

Our ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices) help track your hours and the status of your vehicle thus keeping you safe and organized.