MaxTrax provides you with solutions and insights that will give you the data you need to make informed business decisions. 

No matter what kind of construction service your company provides, everything from earthworks and heavy equipment through trades, can be monitored with Maxtrax GPS tracking.

Gone are the days of monitoring several screens to track where all your equipment is located – MAXtrax has everything in one place. This gives you the ability to dispatch the closest vehicle, know exactly how long an asset has been on site, ensure employees take the most efficient routes to job sites, and more. Our GPS tracking software not only protects your assets but also provides preventative maintenance reports so you know in advance when service is required.

MAXtrax has been integrated with MyVisionLinkTM and can be integrated with other heavy machinery systems.

Our products make it easy to hold accountability with your employees and improve the usage of your assets. Ensuring all assets are being used to their fullest potential while on the job and that your employees are operating the equipment properly.