return on investment.

MAXtrax is a cost-effective solution that immediately results in savings.

MAXtrax supplies a steady stream of data providing insights as to where costs can and should be streamlined. It is not uncommon for the recovery of an organization’s investment in MAXtrax to occur even within the first two to six months of integration. From that point on, the reduction in your monthly operating costs becomes profits.

  • Ensure drivers take efficient routes
  • Observe and correct bad driver behaviour – monitor high acceleration and harsh breaking
  • Reduce insurance liability
  • Operational efficiency
  • Many companies offer reduced rates for vehicles equipped with GPS tracking
  • If an asset or vehicle is stolen, it is cheaper to recover the asset rather than replacing it
  • In the event that a stolen vehicle was carrying cargo, there is a greater likelihood that the cargo as well as the vehicle can be recovered – reducing the amount an insurance company would be required to pay out.
  • Our clients typically see reductions between 5-30%, most reporting reductions around 12%

  • Our system is not reliant on employees tracking time on site
  • Our stop/start reporting is an easy way to track billable time
  • See when a vehicle arrives on location and when it departs
  • These reports can be used to reconcile charges to your clients as they document each move
  • Save on administration costs and you have a means to settle billing/payroll disputes if they arise
  • Vehicles taken home by employees won’t be used for moonlighting
  • Preventative Maintenance Module to ensure service is performed before it becomes urgent
  • This keeps your assets operating reliably and safely, increasing the longevity of the tool
  • Accurately track mileage and engine hours on motorized assets


Calculating your ROI

So how do we calculate your ROI? We take the amount you spent last year on all these items and subtract the average percentage our clients save, adding them together to get a fairly accurate assessment of the savings you can expect after installing the MAXtrax tracking system.


The most difficult item to estimate is the value you get knowing that your company is being managed better and having the peace of mind that comes from knowing where your assets and employees are at any time.

Reduce fuel consumption by an average of 15%

Reduce insurance costs by an average of 12.5%

Reduce maintenance costs by an average of 20%