Who we are

At MAXtrax, we’ve been in the Automatic Vehicle Location industry for years and we’ve heard what people from all types of fields have had to say about the interfaces they work with. We gathered this feedback and these are the top three things we heard that customers wanted:

An interface that is easy to navigate

People don’t want multiple pages, tabs, or pop-up windows. They want a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and contains all the information they need in one place.

The ability to view assets of different classes or types

Unlike our competitors, MAXtrax allows various asset types to be added and tracked, allowing for a wider range of consumers. With MAXtrax, virtually any device can be added, letting you see all your assets in one simple to use browser screen.

Integration with their current administrative software

We’ve created a simple system so that it can integrate with as many systems as possible. This allows you to utilize equipment, administer mileage tracking, and bill accurately for time on site.

We transformed customer’s wishes into the versatile interface that you can benefit from today.

We are hardware and carrier independent meaning our customers are not tied to any manufacturer or cellular service provider. This freedom provides our customers with many options our competitors don’t have. 

Our comprehensive feature set is designed to meet the requirements for the broadest range of organizations, mindful of the fact that our clients range through multiple industries.

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